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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of Music Of Shadows Webzine for the album "Immortalis Factus"

"Hails my friends, today I have a little older release for You. It's released 2009 and called "Immortalis Factus" by "Antiquus Scriptum" from Portugal. Look at the album cover and tell me what it wakes in you... I personally haven't felt anything special but then I've listened to this album and I can tell You that the cover was brought to live! The power and energy of this release are great It has a very familiar, bright atmosphere but it's also pretty fresh. To be honest, at some parts the songs get a bit boring but just when I thought that it will end badly they've added something very cool and interesting for example there are classic black metal passages followed by beautiful acoustics and female vocals, than we have some grindcoreish riffs mixed with that mixed with nice synths and samplers create an very special atmosphere! There's not to much to add to it, it's a very nice and fresh release that's walking on the old paths. So, don't expect something unheard but rather something interesting and heartfull!" (Robert Of Shadows - Music Of Shadows Webzine)

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