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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Conclamatum Est" by Black Metal Kaiser for Finsternis Blogspot

"Conclamatum Est was the last work of Sacerdos Magus, Antiquus Scriptum's mastermind, black metal with symphonic elements, folk, and especially thrash metal. One of the very important recording things is due not just to music if not also the development of the design of the cover art, music, lyrics, Antiquus Scriptum has shown us through the narrative historical passages, battles, as well as containing a design for the cover, a medieval painting where stands for the battle of Aljubarrota. Openness is a narrative as the beginning of an event that could mark the course of the story, honor and death is the only thing you might expect, the time is approaching this moment, disturbing hours is reflected through the faces of the soldiers, the Carthaginians on the one hand while twice as many men willing to fight the Romans was present; This type of events inside Conclamatum Est would be interpreted with sharp passing a background guitar riffs as in his previous work he exhibits first black metal with elements of folk, clean vocals and great exposure of the drums, while that storytelling serial a voice of Sacerdos Magus located at the top of a colima, narrating what their eyes seeing other words, one can feel the right time, the emphasis of the battle, the strength, value, fear, courage, turning perceptions due to music, as in black/ambient bands metal give the sensation of a cold atmosphere, the harshness, in this case Conclamatum Est in addition to the epic passages, each single part gives a different state because of the changes of rhythm without being independent of the narrative. You can feel the time, different sensations. While some appear later interludes performed by the acoustic characteristics as the Iberian guitar technique with a chorus by the clean vocals following the plot and form part of the structure, giving a slight feeling of sadness and suffering, at certain moments but at the same time a sense of relief, skill and determination. A landscape that is never repetitive, rich sounds that feed structure offering events exponentially, revealing and freeing sensations. The closure is the epilogue of history, characterized by being short but still leaving a very strong scent that at the beginning of this recording, and until the end it never of lost coherence and the fluidity of the music. Conclamatum Est furthermore divided in two part, the part of the story Caput I - Tristitia, Absentia, Molestia, discomfort and the part of the tribute Caput II – Tributum is to celtic frost, manowar, venom covers to classic in metal, this would be the extra not as part of the story but if part music, part of some influences." (Black Metal Kaiser - Finsternis Blogspot)

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