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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Abi In Malam Pestem" by Todestrieb Distro (UK)

"Antiquus Scriptum (Portugal) shares an appreciation of the experimental with "avant-garde black metal" band The Firstborn. The founding member Sacerdos is of course a member of Firstborn (previously Firstborn Evil), the other members have formed/joined several Death metal bands. These demos may be considered less mature than the Firstborn albums, but the raw energy and total excess makes them just as exciting to hear, if not, much more so! The drum machine can go blisteringly fast, keyboards form a strong element and are used in a variety of ways (from orchestral to folk); guitars are a wall of raw power. And then the vocals. The vocals are Wild! On first play they sounded almost like Sacrilege.. high punky wails! But totally fitting for the musical chaos. There are also sung, choral parts. This is a unique collection, and while the description may read like a mess this band manage to bring it together with some skill. This material certainly deserved to be re-released and rediscovered. This is a massive orgy of sounds. And recommended". (Todestrieb Distro)

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