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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Immortalis Factus" by Loud Magazine (English Version)

"The Antiquus Scriptum started as the band in 1998 when Iblis left Firstborn Evil, but it soon would turn into the project, maintained by the bassist, who here also ensures guitars, programming and voice. "Immortalis Factus" is the fourth work since the third model, the reissue LP in early 2009. They are 68 minutes of Black Metal dyed a number of other chains, from Thrash, Death Metal, the Viking / Folk. Among the eleven tracks find equity partners of the same who collaborated on previous records of the project, including Paulo Vieira and Gustavo Vieira, both ex-The Firstborn (augmented here by Bruno Fernandes) and Cláudia Ferreira of Wintermoon. Lyrically, it's a work that starts by gathering inspiration from Norse mythology with "Procemium / A Viking Belief", through the history of Portugal, as reflected in "The Battle Of Al-Ashbouna (Or Lixbona MCXLVII)". A couple of long themes, instrumental interludes of found archaic sounds, where the acoustic guitar, violin and percussion can generate the mystical effect, combined with programmed drums. Vocalization of Sacerdos Magus is more "evil" that extreme, making this material reminds us, sometimes the same picture of some stylistic Filii Nigrantium Infernalium. "O Adamastor" in this sense is the best example. The largest portion of this work is sung in Portuguese, but there are several pieces in English, highlighting the ten minutes of "Thy Visionary"."Immortalis Factus" demonstrates a strong trend since the interregnum several years that was Antiquus Scriptum was subject and highlights the creative talent and interpretation of their ideologue." 7.3 (Nuno Santos - Loud Magazine)

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