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Friday, January 18, 2013

Antiquus Scriptum's interview for the Blackened Horde Zine from the United States

1 - Hello Sacerdos Magus! How did the band get started? 

Hello Altara! First of all let me thank you for the opportunity. Well, Antiquus Scriptum's not really a band... It is my personal project that follows the departure of my old band Firstborn Evil (now The Firstborn), where I played between 1995 and 1998 and where I met the brothers Paulo Vieira (Nyx Sludgedweller) & Gustavo Vieira (Helskir), I ended up inviting them for this project and also got them as a kind of active members with over the years... Although we were a normal band between 1998 and 1999, with drummer Dario Duarte (Drakonem Drakul) and guitarist Vitor Machado (Asmodeus), but did not work and I decided to keep the lonely spirit influenced by bands like Bathory, Burzum or Darkthrone... And here I've been with them since going for 17 long Winters ... 

2 - What kind of music do you play? 

I think the base can and should be considered Black Metal, although there are other aspects such as Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Grind or even Crossover and stuff... Folk, ethnic roots music, choral singing... In short, everything that I like and fits with the pagan and warrior spirit of Antiquus Scriptum!... Even Black Metal we use different aspects, from the Pagan Black Metal to Symphonic Black Metal, Viking Metal, etc... Our work is constantly evolving, while respecting a philosophy very 80's / 90's. We love this time Metal and coach us this feeling to write the project... I think we're Black Metal, yes... Perhaps Unorthodox Symphonic Black / Folk / Thrash Metal. 

3 - How has the fan response been? 

The response from fans has been very good for such a known project as Antiquus Scriptum, do not even play live... We take a very positive feedback from scenes such as Facebook and the project has been very good critical reviews and comments, in the internet and magazines. There seems to be more and more people interested in the project and the name begins slowly entering the world circuit of the bands that will be holding... For a grain of sand in the desert as we are by chance blazed up some ground there!... I am sure that with a good label behind us to promote our work as it should be, certainly we would be recognized, because I think the project does not suffer from lack of quality, but poor visibility, so far... Let's see if with Luci Dist Productions have a little more exposure... 

4 - Introduce the band members and what they do in the band. 

Have I told you about the Vieira Brothers. Gustavo is the keyboardist, although currently divide this work with me and his younger brother Ricardo Vieira, who has already done occasionally percussion and drums... The next album will have yet another keyboard player, who is Marcos Martins (Odium), which participates with some bridges and interludes. Paulo Vieira record and mix the records and participates as a lead guitar, has already made some guitars and drums. Then  participate musicians like Zeto Feijão on traditional instruments such as bagpipes Uilleann Pipe and Tin Whistle flute, violin, banjo, etc... Cláudia Ferreira (Vampiria) has already participated in some vocals, as well as Bruno Fernandes (Mindwalker) and Simão Santos (Beyonder) of The Firstborn & Martelo Negro, respectively. I'm always open to new investments, since the project does not play  live... Whenever someone comes along that fits with the music of Antiquus Scriptum is automatically invited to write the next record! 

5 - Who writes the music? Lyrics? 

I am. I write 90% of the overall project, the other 10% are made by the participants who told you. 

6 - And where do the lyric ideas come from? 

Look... In the begining, influenced me a lot about ancient history and mythology. Researching (even before the Internet) ancient texts that would include content that I felt good for a letter of Antiquus Scriptum... The medieval era, for example, fascinated me and I wrote a lot from this base. Today, I must confess that it is the only thing that makes me write a letter and present any subject that moves with my thought is destined to be described in a theme, albeit sometimes in a "camouflaged"... I'm into a more personal wave today and I write a lot of things as simple as love and hate, for example... The existence, the cosmos, are also matters that give importance today. Sometimes I talk about my things, other embody a character, but always try to regardless of subject matter, that my letters have something of a personality and as much originality as possible! 

7 - What is your view in Satanism and Occultism? 

I must tell you that I do not care. I'm septic and I don't care nothing about satanism or the occult, or reincarnation, or the children, the Lucifer, or anything! I do not have a shred of superstition and hypocrisy sickens me so much of each, as the insanity of others!... To me it's all disease! Although a staunch follower of Black Metal for over 20 years, do not care anything about satanism much less practice!... I have a huge revolt by what the church did in middle age and with all your sinism  for centuries, but I see no salvation in evil and I consider myself a mere mortal without any dogmas  or religion... I believe what I see! 

8 - How many albums / CD's have you released? 

Three albums, we are recording the fourth and various compilations released. The first album is from 2002 and brings together two demos, called "Abi In Malam Pestem." The second is from 2008 and is called "Immortalis factus." The third is from 2010 and is called "Conclamatum East." This one will take official release during the Autumn by the Austrian label Talheim Records and the first two will be reissued by our official label Luci Dist Productions, after the release of new album later this year / early next year and that will be called "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis ... ". 

9 - Tell me about some the songs on the latest CD. 

Well, I said it a little to you in the lyrics question... The next album will be more evolved in terms of riffs and variations, but follows the fearless and vehemence of previous records. The songs are more mature, but carry the same sense of achievement from the beginning!... It goes from Black Metal to Thrash, through Folk, share environmental, choirs, etc. ... This work is very melodic, but simple at the same time... It's aggressive, but aware too, but above all is very spontaneous. I'm really enjoying this new album! 

10 - Do you have any side projects? 

I have a side project of Fantasy Black / Folk / Thrash Metal called Fangorn, inspired by the sagas of Tolkien, but unfortunately is down... The time is short for projects B and will be difficult to follow with Fangorn!... It's me and Paulo Vieira (Nyx Sludgedweller) as well, but like I say... For now it will be difficult to present material of this project, because the time available and does not stretch to everything... Maybe one day we can record our presentation album, or at least an EP with three or four themes. 

11 - Who are some of your musical influences? 

Inside Metal I like anything but Nu-Metal! I started listening to Heavy Metal in 1987 with bands like Megadeth, Overkill, Sodom, King Diamond, Helloween, Running Wild, Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, etc. and always follow its evolution by Death Metal, Grindcore, Doom, Power Metal , etc. Arriving in 1994 was caught by the wave of Black Metal in the early 90's and surrendered to me musically in this universe! I like it though, as I have mentioned Folk music and environmental, ethnic, religious and pagan. Whatever is the traditional music of a region, can listen and enjoy! 

12 - Which current bands? 

No new bands, are more Black Metal bands coming to me... I like recent bands like Ulveheim from  México, Nargothrond from Greece, Uruk-Hai from Spain, Blodsband from Sweden, Wodensthrone from the UK, Darkenhöld from France, etc, etc, etc... Fortunately still are been doing good things in the vast fields of Black Metal! Otherwise do not know much because I am more clinging to old stuff... 

13 - What do you think of the US Black Metal / Death Metal scene? 

You've always had a very strong scene of Black / Death Metal, Been Black Metal though a European style par excellence... In Death Metal just talk about Death, Obituray, Massacre, or Deicide and Black Metal you also have mythical names like Absu or Grand Belial's Key, although there are really good bands of Black Metal least known as December Wolves, Black Funeral, Judas Iscariot, or Mysteriarch. Waht I'm hearing from the United States today in the fields of Black Metal is very good and it is recommended and is sometimes ahead of the bands that are the so-called inspired from old Europe!... 

14 - What do you think of the Overseas scenes? 

As I told you I'm not much inside the scenes of the new genres of Metal today, without being Black Metal... But I heard some very interesting things on You Tube and so... I think the Metal despite being in decline, is still very strong, with many fans and practitioners!... I Always listen to very good stuff in the several existing genders. 

15 - What are some of new favorite Black Metal / Death Metal bands? 

My favorite Black Metal bands come from the Boom of the 90's as Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem, Ancient, Dissection, Mörk Gryning, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Helheim, Master's Hammer, Behemoth, Burzum, Immortal, and those bands... In Death Metal is also the classic that fascinates me as Pestilence, Morgoth, Entombed, Unleashed, Hypocrisy, Dismember, Benediction, Sepultura, Sarcófago, etc, etc, etc ... 

16 - When do you guys plan on writing any new material? 

The new material is written and as I said we are recording new album... Briefly will be out a professional edition of 500 copies, with version and Vinyl Tape Productions by Luci Dist. 

17 - What does the future hold for Antiquus Scriptum? 

Look... I hope that luck and some recognition, at least... Upon a stroke of luck and let's see if it with this work... Things are tough here and I'm considering whether it is worth more sacrifice after this "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis..." and only time will tell if I continue or not... Now here in Portugal is hard to take the bread from the mouth every day, let alone ride to spend money on records... But if the feedback is good the next releases, I will continue with much pleasure for many years to come!... 

Thank you Sacerdos Magus! 

Thanx Altara and good luck with the Blackened Horde Zine as well!

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