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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Conclamatum Est" by Paulo Figueiredo for Event Horison (English Version)

"I confess that it was accidental that I stumbled upon this album Antiquus Scriptum, and its existence, completely ignored by me, noticing me later that it would not exactly alone in this ignorance. After all, Antiquus Scriptum are not exactly a project known probably because of poor visibility, since this is already the 3rd album of originals. "Conclamatum Est" did not therefore surprising me. This is a one man band, where Sacerdos Magus assumes all costs instrumental, although battery is programmed to count on the help of various session musicians. Even more amazing it becomes so this album, which proposes an epic black metal supported by Bathory, Celtic Frost, Emperor, not shirking the influences of folk metal patent on a theme as "Den Nordisk Sjel Lever I Meg". The result is quite nice, although the songs were all huge, never loses its sense of song itself. Just a little but for the beginning of "Eu, O Misantropo..." that was silly and totally out of context. It was just missing a better production (great loss, audible noise in parts) to give this material an even greater dimension. Noted however the great work." (Paulo Figueiredo - Event Horizon Blogspot) - 8 / 10.

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