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Friday, January 18, 2013

Antiquus Scriptum's Interview by Michael Clevenger of Ophiucus Records from the United States

Greetings! For those who are not familiar with Antiquus Scriptum, please give us a brief history of how the project came into existence.

Well, before all let me hail you Lord Mysterion and the Ophiucus Records for the great oppurtunity you’re giving to this humble project! Antiquus Scriptum came to life in the year of 1998 when I left the band Firstborn Evil (now only The Firstborn), where I was bass player. My relationship with the vocalist and leader of the band was not good; I liked him but I couldn’t work with him and so, I decided to to leave it and make my own project away from any exterior pressures. Antiquus Scriptum's now and will be in the future my solo project, with participations of guest musicians in studio, but in the begining was an ordinary band with formation, rehearsals and gigs. This didn’t work one more time and I decided to move on as a one band man, doing almost all the material. I’ve been counting with the very precious help of two friends of long time: Gustavo Vieira (ex-Firstborn Evil/The Fistborn) in the keyboards and his brother Paulo Vieira (ex-Firstborn Evil/The Firstborn) that record and mix the studio works and do the lead guitar solos. They’ve been my great friends in this field! 

Your latest offering, "Immortalis Factus", combines some interesting and diverse musical elements. The songs have a very epic and triumphant sound, and there was obviously a lot of hard work put into this release. Can you tell us a little about how this album was recorded? Was it done in a studio?

Thank you for thinking that it’s interesting! Yes, that’s a lot of work involved. Many nights awaked writing the songs and lyrics, since that I who do 98% of the stuff. “Immortalis Factus” was recorded in two studios: A home-made studio called Mosh Pit and a real studio called Maddog Studios (Por), by my friend and producer Paulo Vieira. For monetary reasons I couldn’t record all the instruments in the Maddog Studios so, half was in the Mosh Pit and the other half, as well as the production and mix in the Maddog Studios.

Can you tell us about your other demos/releases? How would you compare the newer material to your older stuff?

There are two demos before the album: In Pulverem Reverteris of 2000 and Abi In Malam Pestem of 2002. Well, I think the essence’s the same. The demos are not with the quality of sound recording of this album. It was recorded only in the Mosh Pit Studios, as I told is a home-made studio in the room of Paulo Vieira. The drums are faster than now (maybe too much!), and the guitars are more confuse, but the essence of the project’s there. Now I write as well a couple lyrics in my maternal language, in those demos not.

You guys hail from Portugal, correct?. How would you describe the local metal scene in your area? Any other metal bands worthy of mention? Any venues?

Yes, we are from the kingdom of Lusitania! The scene here’s not bad but is not absolutely good as well. There’s very envy between the bands and the people insisted in been “square”, if you know what I mean... But anyway, there are very good bands in almost metal genres. In the black fields I must to refer Moonspell of course. I don’t like it, but they are probably the ambassadors of Portugal in the world! Filli Nigrantium Infernalium, Corpus Christii, The Firstborn. In Power/Heavy Metal Tarantula and Ironsword, In Gore/Grind Grog and Namek, In Doom Metal Desire and etc, etc, etc...

About venues... I don’t play live but I think that any room with electricity is good for a gig!

What are some of the influences and inspirations regarding your song lyrics?

I try to write about historical facts of antiquity and about universal mithology and all that kind of influences. I think that the matters Satan, Darkness and Evil are very exploited so, I write about history and about other simple matters as the human existence, utopia, life... I like it dark, but everybody writing about Devil and hell has no funny!... When you read a book of History, there are so many good ideas for themes that you can use.

What future plans do you have in store for the band? Any new material in the works?

Well, tomorrow is the same as yesterday: To survive, to continue with this humble project and record new stuff. Yes, I’m writing new material, but is all in a embryonary phase. There’s many nightwork to be done yet! Thanx so much Lord Mysterion and long live the Ophiucus Records!!!!!

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