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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Immortalis Factus" by Black Metal Kaiser for Finsternis Blogspot

"Immortalis Factus is the second full-length of Sacerdos Magus's recording of a concept rather than historical and pagan offers a great release. The opening epic class whose focus is due to the epic atmosphere similar to the work he began to delve bathory at the viking metal scene, fast-changing sounds, light percussion in the structure, symphonic arrangements these would be the unique characteristics of Antiquus Scriptum would be part of their future releases. The details of this edition are focused on providing the various sanctions, harmony, rhythm, metric, sound fairly accurate where the clean vocals and chorus are the elements they refine the structure, for the warrior, the sword and armor. Whenever the narrative part of each structure and it must have an accompanying conditioned its development and have the same characteristics between narration and music, rhythm of black metal with elements of thrash metal and contain other elements such as giving symphonic music the essential power and epic, covering it with a strong sense of anger and courage. Instrumentation that characterizes interludes within the mystical essence gives the perspective to nature, letting the different tones catering to music, in these cases frequent use of vocals and acoustic guitar, a unique emblem Immortalis Factus. The keyboard work is essential, giving proportionately a kind of essence and life while the speed of the drums determines the ferocity and the uniqueness of providing voice, resulting in a sound honest and consistent with the rest of the music." (Black Metal Kaiser - Finsternis Blogspot)

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