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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mini-Review of "In Pulverem Reverteris" demo by Ralfman for Metal Addiction Freakshow

"Black Metal. As i said in early posts, this is not my favotite dish, although good music is always welcome. And this tape is with any doubt a good tape. 2 Tracks, one intro and outro.

The demo starts with an keybord instrumental intro, after comes "Bula Ad Extirpenda", the high point to this recording. After the intro ends, we are assaulted with an blasting start. This realy kicks ass... I must say that what pleases me the most is the vocals. We do not have those grim, raw type of vocals higly present in most Black Metal releases. Dunno really how to discribe it but, perhaps acute and sounding like an young kid screaming, surely sounds good to me. Also what this track has good is the chorus, very orchestral and environmental.

The title track, is also ok, full with blastbeats, speed and really ends fast.

The last track, an instrumental, based on clean guitars, ambient nature sounds and ending in tribal chants (Hum.. "Roots" anyone?...) . I guess its ok, to ease the ears after the energy discharge of the previous tracks.

Also, this got proper re-issue recently, both on cd and tape." Rate: 7. (Ralfman - Metal Addiction Freakshow).

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