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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of "Abi In Malam Pestem" by Black Metal Kaiser for Finsternis Blogspot

"Abi In Malam Pestem was the first full-length of this portuguese black metal band called Antiquus Scriptum (as well as containing an extra work, a demo titled In Pulverem Reverteris), the style at the beginning of this release is quite interesting a quick opening by riffs sharp guitar a sequential change of riffs that in certain moments is influenced rhythms of thrash and melodic as well as elements of folk and symphonic music parts although, it can be determined the time of change and technical employees, due to their harsh sounds that turn you notice an excellent effect between guitar riffs and rhythm of the drums. However, the very noticeable and common style is the element folk that many times it transforms in a solid form of accompaniment without having to be atmospheric. Without forgetting the voice which focuses many times in the style of thrash metal and later a clean voice appears in a space as a strait where the voice goes epic way a voice of battle while the rapid and intense speed of the structure transforms the environment spanning the strait, features such is heard very frequently in bands of viking metal and folk. i.e. the clean vocals can be considered epic narration that gives the event, while the sharp riffs are battlefield where everything happens. A transverse line could be the voice of thrash and the thick voice which is common within this recording this form of serious voice vocals or narration that extends to the battle as the background giving a result between the strength of the guitar change voices and the speed of the drums, a crude ambience epic and ephemeral. Other characteristics in this recording are the acoustic structure, an epic sound of a metric rhythm that basically technical arpeggio; This band is basically black metal but the element that stands out is the folk, where clean vocals are the forces that come to life and give a kind of very particular nature, also not to forget the Symphonic arrangements giving recording consistent strength and a series of stages that feed the rest of the structure, without having to be too long but not too short the Symphonic arrangement would be the landscape, since it gives precise changes and a linear form of the recording. Another thing that should be mentioned is the art, the cover art, Baroque art whose theme more than anything is death, plague and themes that suggest the events during the middle ages, this detail is very important since it is part of the music as the visual form that might be the sound, contemplating the images while tapping the recording an impression where epic and historical concept transforms into a story well told through the voice and the structure of black metal." (Black Metal Kaiser - Finsternis Blogspot)

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