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Friday, January 18, 2013

Firstborn Evil - Tristitia... Absentia... Molestia

It's available yet a Pro-CDr compilation of my previous Black Metal band Firstborn Evil, where I was bass player between 1995 & 1998 (as Iblis), featuring the re-edition of the '96 demo "The Awakening Of Evil" + the theme "Throne Of The Serpent" & two unreleased rehearsals from 1996 & 1997. The price of this compilation is 10 Euros (with the shipping costs worldwide included!!). Thou can contact me at:  Thanx in advance! Here's the track list:

I - The Curse Of The Noldorin 01:37  
II - A Legacy Of Moonlit Lycanthropy 08:42  
III - Passion, Desire And Blood (Act I: Opus Sanguinae) 05:27  
IV - The Mistress And Her Deceiving Beauty 05:26  
V - Passion, Desire And Blood (Act II: Vampyric War) 09:16  
VI - Throne Of The Serpent 06:05  
VII - As The Black Knights Raid 06:04  
VIII - To Snow And Night 06:56  
IX - From The Past Yet To Come 05:52  
X - Overlord 05:35  
XI - In The Kingdom Of The White Naga 06:03  
XII - A Quest For Vengeance 07:54


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