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Friday, January 18, 2013

Antiquus Scriptum - Abi In Malam Pestem

It's available yet the first full-length of Antiquus Scriptum "Abi In Malam Pestem" (2002) through Runenstein Records (Ger), that includes the first demo tape "In Pulverem Reverteris" (2000) as well. These are the most violent and aggressive recordings that Antiquus scriptum ever made and it's available for 10 Euros (shipping costs worldwide included!!) through me (Sacerdos Magus) at:  or through Runenstein Records (Micha Glaab) at:  Thanx to the intested ones in advance! Here's the track list:

I - Principium: Cosmogony - The Creation 03:33  
II - Eine Suche Nach Wissen 09:20
III - Abi In Malam Pestem 03:55  
IV - Intermissio I: Le Vaguer Du Fantôme 02:21  
V - Of Dying Seasons (The Cursed Ones) 11:57
VI - Intervallum II: Crepusculum 01:06  
VII - Guardiões Do Graal (Ou Lapsit Exilis) 06:10  
VIII - Remissio III: My Throne Burn To Ashes 01:38  
IX - Fleurs Du Mal - Initium 01:24  
X - Bula Ad Extirpenda (Innocentio IVth, MCCLII - The Saint Office Of Inquisition Of Faith) 08:58
XI - In Pulverem Reverteris 01:57  
XII - A Nightside Of Eden - Finalis 04:54

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