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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Antiquus Scriptum - FUCKING KILLER BAND!

Saudações da Cripta! Não lhe chamaria uma review, mas são palavras descritivas de um admirador norte americano, o Ryan Williams, que aborda do seu ponto de vista pessoal o conceito quer lírico, quer musical do projeto. É uma breve síntese que traduz a realidade de se ser pequenino, num oceano imenso de vida!... Agradeço ao Williams pela sinceridade e a todos os que leem estas linhas. Humildemente: Sacerdos Magus \m/ O \m/

"I'm familiar with Lord Magus' manner of dialouge use. Indeed being from Portugal, he does not have as much of a graps on it as an English speaker... But frankly, I am charmed by it. Its a further reinforcement on the medieval / historical inspiration behind Antiquus Scriptum and I adore such themes in Metal, the more intense, the better for me! The lyrics on his albums though tend to be more basic, more historical or sometimes pulled straight from ancient poetry and most often are of Portugese themes too. If he chooses to write to others in broken old English, it does not bother me, its good in a campy way and if anything it crates a strange persona of the artist. I could care less about looking silly, frankly, it even tempts me to do the same and just geek out my fantasy obsession... :) 

As for the music:

I understand if you don't have a taste for its chaotic style, (although the album "Conclamatum Est" features more composed and organized material than the other albums). You commented on my Abyssmal Nocturne shirt and I mentioned I have an unusual criteria for determining what music is good to myself. You see the idea of "good" Black Metal is actually subjective in the end... We know there are certian parameters, but in the end what defines good Black Metal? The majority consensus? If so, I should love Watain over any of the other bands in my collection... Frankly I can't entirely see why Antiquus Scriptum's music is not liked by at least enough people to get them a professional label... His music is haphazard... But some of those riffs! IDK I can't see them as anything but full of youthful, punkish energy that absolutely fucking slay! And still he has all this pagan black epic ambiance to accent it! It's awesome to me. But does it mean I have bad taste... Or do I just not know quality Black Metal even after the 14 years I've been collecting? It's irritating at times when I am really into a band no one cares anything about (Maldoror being a huge example)... But that is not unusual for me, I'm used to it... I guess it's just what Black Metal means to me... What I hold in my spirit... Is something that most others don't desire. Frustrating yes, but it's my way and I would not be strong for myself if I let the common consensus determine the value of my interests."

(Glemorag, January 2013.)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Immortalis Factus" official edition in late September through Pesttanz Klangschmiede!!

Update: The German label Pesttanz Klangschmiede shall unleash in late September the official release of the second album of Antiquus Scriptum, "Immortalis Factus". This album was originally released in 2008, has been reprinted countless times in smaller formats and will now finally be launched the professional version, 1.000 copies jewel case + 100 copies in deluxe digipack. Thanx to Martin for all the hard work and effort and all (the many!), whom have passed positive word and are helping this humble Lusitanian project. Well there! Humbly: Sacerdos Magus \m/ O \m/