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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mini review for ‘Imaginarium’ by BigBlackDragon (2017)

... Olá a todos! Uma mini review ao álbum 'Imaginarium', que encontrei na net, que não podia ser mais favorável em tão poucas palavras... Com uma review destas, ainda por cima ao lado do 'LandawarijaR', de Helheim, até me sobe o ego!... ::3

... Hello everyone! A mini review of the 'Imaginarium' album, which I found on the net, which couldn't be more favorable in so few words... With a review like these, even next to the 'LandawarijaR', of Helheim, even my ego increase!... :3 

"ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM belong to the rare selection of bands which are recognizable immediately. Mainly because of the distinctive clear vocals, but also because of the rousing songwriting. The basic style is groovy and catchy, but also full of nice details and unique sounds. This special symphonic thrash death whatsoever mixture leaves me always back in very good temper. A quite strange effect of metal like this, but a nice one :-) If you are looking for something really peculiar, check it! Favorite track: A Moment Of Clarity."

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