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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ambiental CD of Antiquus Scriptum now available for download!!!!!

Misanthropic Greetings! As you know the ambiental album of Antiquus Scriptum, "... Recôndito É O Nocturno Covil Do Misantropo... (Tristeza & Honra Em IV Capítulos)", is sold out through me and I come here now to make available the download to all lovers of Folk / Ambient, or Black Metal to shed more acoustic and keyboards...

... Whom still wants to buy the original CD, can do it through the German Runenstein Records at a price that will be around 10€, already with the postage worldwide included:

Here is the link to the Mediafire download, hope you enjoy! Humbly: Sacerdos Magus \m/ O \m/

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