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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ambiental CD of Antiquus Scriptum + CD of Firstborn Evil SOLD OUT!!!!!

Greetings! The ambiental CD of Antiquus Scriptum, "... Recôndito É O Nocturno Covil Do Misantropo... (Tristeza & Honra Em IV Capítulos)" and the CD of Firstborn Evil, "Tristitia... Absentia... Molestia" are SOLD OUT!! Were dispatched the 60 copies that I had of these two releases and here is the list of some people whom bought them in no particular order, with my eternal thanks to all of them! Humbly: Sacerdos Magus \m/ O \m/

Hekata Rusimova, Carlos Filipe, Jamie 'Darkj' Stonge, Jorge Caldeira, Pedro Melgueira, Pedro Joel, Adriaan Van Der Velden (Abaddon Nocturnal Wolves), Rob Maessen (Necro Void), Andre Francisco, Miguel Pereira, Joao Martins, Lennard Kamischke, Bruno Pratas (Feliz Pratas), Miguel N. Almeida, Victor Ferreira, Mário Miguel Chaves Pinto, Flávio Gonçalves, João Paulo Trindade, Luís Neto, Filipe Peres (Phil Ricön Peres), Jarede Chairlean Araujo, Daniel Vieira, Marcos Martins, Paulo Sérgio Gameiro, Keith Phillips, Raquel Cunha, César Jervis de Atouguia, David Mogas, Sápi Miklós (Crowz - Rotten Crowz Productions), Paulo Bensaja, Mary Seth (Ása Wælcyrie-Heaðencræft Æthelflæd-Völk), Charli Tilli B, Ricardo Lopes, Filipe Viana Neves, Christopher Mihal, Francisco Certã (Necrodementis / Forgotten Winter) and a special thanx to Tiago Santiago for have bought the Martelo Negro pack! Hail!!

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